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August 19th, 2023
Sale @ 1 PM

Bringing together an Elite Selection of Wether Does and Fullblood show prospects

The Texas Two Step Sale is pleased to offer the sale broadcast live over the internet through services provided by DVAuction. To register to bid online a two step process MUST be completed. It is highly recommended that this process be completed on or before August 18, 2023. Thank you! 




Step 1.

 Visit the DVAuction website at to obtain a user

name and password. 


Step 2. Contact Cindy Dusek with DVAuction at (325) 226-1470 to obtain a buyer's number.  


(Both steps MUST be completed in order to BID online)





All purchases made online must be paid for with a credit card unless prior arrangements are made. Visa, MasterCard and American Express will be accepted as the method of payment for online purchases. A 4.0% buyer's premium will be added to the purchase price for credit card purchases. 




The cost of delivery will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact any consignor to help with the facilitation of delivery of your purchases. Buyers are responsible for coordinating transportation of their purchases. 


In the event buyer cannot arrange for hauling or in the event Buyer's purchases cannot be picked up by 9AM Sunday, August 20th, arrangements must be made with the consignor to arrange pick up from the farms from which they originated. Buyer will have thirty (30) days from sale date to arrange pick-up at said farms.



Note: Only those people with high speed internet services should bid on line.

  (Dial up connections will be slower and there will be performance issues.)

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